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Bitstarz- Best European Online Casino with The Best Slot Games

BitStarz is an online casino with an extensive collection of slot games well-known worldwide, including in Europe. In the following sections, we’ll explain why BitStarz is considered Europe’s top online casino with the best slot games.

About BitStarz

BitStarz is one of the world’s best-rated online casinos and one of the most excellent bitcoin casinos. BitStarz casinos have made great strides, from a few games to thousands of slot games from the most significant slot providers.

BitStarz is among the most reputable websites for playing casino games, accepting players from all around the world. BitStarz casino’s enormous bonus package, which includes a welcome bonus of 180 free spins, makes it worthwhile for players to join in on the fun. Apart from a wide range of games and fantastic prizes, BitStarz Casino also provides continuous customer care to assist players with any issues they may have.

What makes BitStarz unique from others?

BitStarz is unique in its way, as it is well known for its marathon promotions held every month. These promotions are divided into levels, with each level requiring you to wager real money on slot machines and other casino games to proceed.

As you go through each level, you will be awarded wins in the form of free spins or bonuses with minimal wagering requirements. The lucky player who manages all the levels before everyone can receive an extra prize that usually is a vacation to some exotic destination.

Slot tournaments

Slot tournaments organized by BitStarz

There are not many online casinos that organize tournaments or competitions. BitStarz, on the other hand, organizes various tournaments for the players to get more prizes and rewards. An online slot tournament called Slor Wars can be played on BitStarz for some extra fun.

Slot Wars is BitStarz’s biggest promotion held every week. Winners will receive a €1,500 prize for winning in this tournament. To participate in this promotion, gamers must play the designated slot games and keep an eye on the leaderboard to see what’s going on around the clock, which will help them progress.

Other contests, such as The Last Man Standing, require players to play consistently to win; skip one day, and you are dismissed from the competition. Finally, the winner will be granted a large amount of cash.

Number of slot games available

BitStarz features some of the best and quickest visuals in the industry. All of their games are available to play without having to register online. BitStarz’s slot games are fantastic, and it’s unusual to come across ones of such high quality. To become a respectable online casino, they managed to strike a balance between the number of slot games and live dealer games and now offer around 3300 slot games from over 30 game providers.

Final views

By employing the proper developers to build unique and remarkable games, BitStarz has excelled in giving the best slot experience to slot fans. Apart from outstanding slot games, they also feature fantastic incentives that all casino fans should take advantage of!